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The old adage “quality in, quality out” rings especially true when it comes to cannabis extracts. That’s why we always begin by sourcing the best raw ingredients we can get our hands on.

Our goal is to produce extracts with world-class flavor. Starting with fresh frozen material allows us to capture the essence of a living cannabis plant. By freezing flower at its aromatic peak, we’re able to preserve the terpene profile, allowing for an unparalleled aromatic experience.

The most important part of our process is finding quality flower. Every other step in our process is done in a way that preserves the flower in that state. It doesn’t alter the flavor, it only enhances the quality that’s already there and brings out its best qualities.

Where does Kaizen source their material?

When sourcing fresh frozen flower, we have three main criteria:

1) exotic strains that are pesticide free,

2) high THC levels, and

3) high terpene levels.

As California lifers, we embrace the diverse agricultural history of our beautiful state. We often aim to partner with small farms who have a similar commitment to quality. Over the past decade, we’ve fostered long-standing relationships with some of the best breeders and cultivators in the state.

Our founder, Dan Yoo, is still at the helm of all things extraction and would never create a product that he wouldn’t be proud of and excited to smoke himself.