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There seems to be a misunderstanding within the cannabis industry. Our founder Dan Yoo says, “As a whole, we need to stand our ground and start educating people. Cannabis should not be judged by your eyes. It should be judged by your nose and your tongue, the way nature intended.”

When shopping for a quality product, you should consider the following factors in order of importance: 1) terpenes, 2) potency, and 3) color. Of the utmost importance, and perhaps the only one that truly matters, is terpenes.


When it comes to terpenes, you need to trust your most powerful senses. Smell and taste the product. If the aroma and the flavor of the product are on point, the high will surely not disappoint. We have smoked plenty of concentrates that are lower in potency, but high in terpenes and they have always been our favorite highs.


If you want flavor, we wouldn’t recommend going for the highest potency. We would recommend staying in the high 70s or low 80s for optimal flavor profiles. The higher you go in potency, the more THC and THCa replaces the flavor.


Color does not solely determine quality. However, think of color in relation to fine wine or craft beer. The darker brown, amber color reflects a more mature flavor, a more complex product. It reflects a product that has been allowed to reach its full potential. Super bright, yellow concentrates are cool, but they are not always the best. As long as the concentrate has clarity, you can expect more flavor from a richer color.

Remember, don’t judge cannabis by your eyes; judge it by your nose. Look at the bigger picture and consider all three elements of terpenes, potency, and flavor together. From there, you will start to know what you prefer, and become more confident in your concentrate journey.