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Innovation. That’s the origin of our name, and the inspiration behind everything that we do. Every step of our process is optimized to create industry-leading cannabis extracts; from selecting top shelf, locally grown flower, to innovating new standards for testing and labelling.

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Inspiration is channeled through our founder, Dan Yoo. Once an avid surfer, the course of Dan’s life was forever changed by a traffic accident that led to a long recovery period punctuated by the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Dan Yoo Kaizen Extracts california
Dan Yoo Kaizen Extracts cannabis

This eye-opening life experience rekindled Dan’s love and appreciation for cannabis and his deep-rooted belief in the healing properties of the plant.

Premium solvent and solventless lines

As Dan immersed himself in California’s cultivation and extract scene, he became intimately aware of the need for higher quality cannabis products. Premium products made from fresh, pesticide-free flower. In local circles his extracts soon became known for their power, effect, and cleanliness.

Kaizen was born and, as they say, the rest is history.

kaizen extracts extraction
Dan Yoo Kaizen Extracts

We continue to innovate with the same basic principles in mind: to produce quality extracts that focus on flavor and effect, without a prohibitive price point.