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In an effort to help our Kaizen fam optimize their extract experience, we’ve put together some quick tips and recommendations for consuming concentrates. As an extract enthusiast, there are a few key details you should be aware of to help maximize flavor and ensure a clean, pure high every time you dab.

Hours of R&D go into every batch we make in the Kaizen lab. In the pursuit of mastering our craft, we’re constantly exploring how to innovate and refine our processes. We encourage you to embrace that same approach on your own journey as a concentrate consumer.

Pick the Right Setup

Choosing well-designed, high-quality tools with personal preference in mind is essential. From the sleek PuffCo Peak to the mighty Dr. Dabber Switch, there have been major innovations in the e-rig space. For the terp-obsessed, an electric rig with precision heat settings might be your best bet. For on-the-go convenience, you might want to opt for a portable dab pen.

While there are pros and cons to every type of setup, the world of extract accessories has come a long way. Whatever style you opt for, purchase from a reputable brand that uses medical grade, premium materials and is transparent about their production methods.

Optimal Temperature

Our preferred temperature for dabbing is anywhere between 480–550 degrees. Lower temperatures have better flavor, higher temperatures provide larger hits. Optimizing your heat settings to a particular strain’s terpene profile will help you achieve a super flavorful experience.

Avoid the Chazz At All Costs

While we live for innovation in the lab, when it comes to consumption, we often like to keep it old school. Using a classic dab rig with a glass banger can lead to some of the best extract highs. It can take some trial and error to get used to heating with a blow torch, but the biggest mistakes people make are: 1) getting the banger too hot, and 2) not allowing enough time for their glass to cool down. These can both lead to a chazzed out banger which is essentially discoloration and burnt matter – a perfect combo for ruining the taste of fine extracts.

In general, you want to heat a banger for about 20–30 seconds and then let it cool down for about a minute before you dab. Don’t let it glow red hot – that will burn your concentrate. If you want to level up, consider monitoring how hot your glass is with a temperature gun. After the dab, let the banger cool down for another minute then clean it out. You can never have enough Q-tips and isopropyl on hand.

Keep in mind that quartz bangers can have different thicknesses, so they won’t all heat up the exact same way.

Flower Meet Extracts

Whether topping a bowl with caviar or sprinkling some crumble on a joint, layering concentrates into your flower can give you an extra heady high. But don’t forget: whenever you use combustion, you’re sacrificing flavor.

The art of creating high-quality extracts is a complex and nuanced endeavor. Don’t let that effort go to waste by burning off terps or taking a hit out of a dirty banger.